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Holocryptics is real and available today!

We have subscription packages you may choose from depending on the amount of usage you are interested in for your type of venue. 

After selecting which package you'd like to move forward with, you will receive credits on your account every month. 
You choose to spend your own credits as you please every month and that's when the magic happens!Our unique encrypted shows that we have uploaded into the device takes days of filming, editing, and programming yet we still upload new content constantly.

We provide professional mixes with the highest quality of audio and visual technology then broadcast that through our state of the art hologram technology!

Today you can become a destination offering a futuristic unique experience, without needing broadband internet service. 
Holocryptics makes it possible to engage and entertain your guest with technology easy to use.

Our device along with its plug and play motorized screen is drop shipped directly to your venue or assigned agent. 
Once you have received your new device it will have standard installation WITHOUT the need for structural modifications! ù

To install your new device you simply attach our motorized screen above your already existing DJ booth and locate the device behind your already existing DJ booth for an image to appear right in front of your eyes, there's a quick idea of what installations you may get yourself into. If you don't already have a DJ booth inside your venue, NO PROBLEM, you don't need one, that's the best part, you would simply do the same processes as above in the designated area you would like to see your performer and add a high table of your choice or black platform covers in front of holocryptics device.Now, how to use it, simple...

Now that you've installed your very own Holocryptics device today you have the ability to choose from over 40 DJ's around the world straight from your mobile device. Keep in mind we update new content EVERY MONTH.  

Inside of your device you visit our website, use your login account and pick your one hour DJ set you feel like grooving too at that exact time, it's so easy a baby can do it! Pretty neat huh? 

We offer this user-friendly product to help your venue to have a top-level talent for a fraction of the cost of a live DJ whenever you need it.
All right! Now that we got the logistics out of the way, which package do you think you'll need for your venue, take a look below.