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What kind of service does Holocryptics provide?

“Holocryptics” offers various services and applications. Most commonly, we give venues a permanent and unique on-demand device to project multi-dimensional hologram performances that are professionally mixed and mastered by top tier music engineers. We also are able to curate custom content per request. Such as custom DJ sets, marketing ploys, and educational platform integration.

Does the Holocryptics device need to be used only in the dark?

No, there are applications where it can be used under some artificial light. However it is a hologram device, therefore it’s ideal conditions a would be in a dim room with no direct light.

What do we receive with our monthly subscription?

Our subscription packages vary. But typically our varying levels of subscriptions come with a greater or fewer number of shows you have access to on a per month basis.

Can we have special request on what we want to have as a Hologram?

Yes! We are not limited to just Hologram DJs. Since we produce and record all of the sets right here in our studios we have the ability to curate custom content per a clients request.

What kind of internet connection do I need ?

Any standard internet connection will suffice. Broadband internet is not needed!

How much space do I need for the device to fit in my venue?

One of the benefits of using our holograms is that we use an ultra compact unit to make the overall footprint of our installations manageable for even the smallest of venues. Typically we use about a 12sqft area for our installations.

Can I move it around in my venue?

Our device is specially made for convenient and easy installation, it is possible to maneuver around a venue although it is not suggested.

What happens if my device is not working properly ?

You would call our customer service hotline and let us know what going on. We would then trouble shoot on our end. If the technical difficulties do not get resolved a new unit will be sent within 72 hours.

Can I change my subscription package even if my contract has not ended yet?

Absolutely! At any point throughout your contract you are able to change your tier of subscription. If you were to make changes in the middle of the month your new tier would kick in at the beginning of the following month!

Can there be more than one hologram?

Yes, however if you wanted multiple holograms you would need more than one Holocryptics device.

What will I be receiving after ordering my Holocryptics device?

You will receive the Unit and motorized screen.

What is a refund on a show?

Lets say the party is having a blast and you accidentally pick the wrong DJ, no need to worry, you have up to 3 MINUTES to press the “REFUND” button on your show to save the credit from being used!

What do I receive in a Press kit?

The press kit provides you a high quality edited photo of the DJ requested sent straight to an email of your choice to share with your social media and/or guests.

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